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Patchwork Family Farms

Since 1993


Working Together to Make A Difference

Patchwork Family Farms is a project of the Missouri Rural Crisis Center and is a cooperative marketing effort made up of independent Missouri family hog farmers, who want to bring their family farm-raised pork products to you.

Patchwork Family Farms purchases hogs directly from local, independent family farmers. Our goal is to grow our cooperative livestock production and marketing model, in order to support independent producers, boost rural economies, protect our natural resources and create long-term, sustainable jobs for rural Missourians.

By purchasing Patchwork Family Farm pork products, you are directly supporting independent agriculture, rural economies and Missouri farm families.

Straight From the Farm

We Believe in Quality

Since 1993, the Missouri Rural Crisis Center has been organizing Patchwork Family Farms, an opportunity for Missouri hog producers to farm traditionally and independently, while maintaining a rural way of life and supporting our local economies.

We do this by collectively marketing family-farm-raised pork to consumers (directly, through grocery stores and restaurants) in Missouri and around the U.S.

Patchwork Family Farms works to create a family farm alternative to the industrialized food system, and create community involvement and dialogue around agriculture policy.

100% Locally Raised

Our Growing Standards

We believe in raising pork in the traditional and time-honored way using sustainable and humane growing standards. The result is a natural and premium product. And, you can taste the difference!

We also ensure that farmers receive a fair price for their livestock. This is important because the current hog marketplace is not open, fair, or competitive for family farm hog farmers.


Sustainably Raised and Processed

Finest of Products

Check out our variety of family farm-raised pork products for your home, restaurant, grocery store, or next event! Patchwork Family Farms sells to wholesale accounts in mid-Missouri and St. Louis, and directly to consumers from our office and retail outlet in Columbia. We can ship cured products anywhere in the U.S.!

Please contact us at (573) 443-1568 or for pricing, order information, and delivery schedules.

Packaging sizes are not fixed. 

Fresh Meat

Chops, Hams, Ground Pork, Ribs, Cutlets, Tenderloins, Steaks, Roasts, Speciality Cuts

Smoked or Processed Meats

Bacon, Sausages, Cured Ham


DeForest Soap Locally Made with Pork Tallow

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Restaurants and Stores that Carry our Products

Our products are available in Columbia at Missouri Rural Crisis Center, through our co-op program, and in discerning local restaurants and grocery stores throughout Mid-Missouri and the St. Louis areas.


Local Food


The Food Cooperative was established in the 1980s as an emergency food program and has expanded to 8 locations throughout Mid-Missouri.

The program costs $22 a month.  Each month, families receive food staples including dry goods, canned goods, bread, fruit and produce, cleaning supplies, eggs, and 3-4 products of Patchwork Family Farms pork.

The Co-Op relies on community volunteers and MRCC staff and contributions.  It is open to anyone in need.

To learn more contact MRCC at 573-499-1336 or email

“They are great people to work with. Love their service. Thank You Patchwork Farms…”   

Alice Spurgeon, Coop Member