Patchwork Farms Pork

Smoked Pepper Bacon


  • Fully cured and smoked with pepper flakes
  • Price per lbs $8.5
  • The package contains approximately 14-16 slices
  • The weight is estimated at approx. 1 lb.


Estimated price per package, real price may vary depending on weight.


The Ordering Process

Place Order Through Website

Order through the website. You will NOT pay now due to the nature of each package weight being variable and based on the actual weight.

Receive Follow-up Call or Email

The patchwork team will contact you directly to confirm your order details, availability, and actually weight per package.

Choose Delivery or Pickup Options

The Patchwork team will help you choose between free pickup at MRCC in Columbia and local free Columbia delivery on orders over $25.

Pay by Credit Card or Cash

You will pay for your order through the Patchwork staff.  You can pay by credit card over the phone or by cash if you choose local pickup.

The Patchwork Difference

Independent Farms

Livestock must be owned by independent family farmers.

Natural Growth

Synthetic growth promoters are prohibited.

Antibiotic Use

No sub or non therapeutic antibiotics used

Sunshine and Feed

Animals must receive adequate sunshine, fresh air, and feed.

Sustainable Practices

Raised with social responsibility and environmental stewardship.